Here Are Some Benefits Of Installing Photoluminescent Exit Signs


Photoluminescent exit signs are used in darkness to guide people and reduce risk in case of an emergency or power failure. They use photoluminescent materials to absorb and store ambient or natural light, which is used during blackouts. Unlike traditional emergency signs, you can't turn on or turn off photoluminescent exit signs. A photoluminescent sign's performance depends on factors such as pigment concentration, light intensity, charging periods, and light charging type. Fully charged photoluminescent exit signs provide light for varying hours depending on the material grade used. Below are the benefits of using photoluminescent exit signs.

Reduction in Operational Costs

Every business should look for ways to minimize its operational costs. Utility expenditures such as energy and electricity are one of the most demanding costs that are hard to avoid. Photoluminescent signs are cost-efficient compared to traditional exit signs that require electricity for full activation. Also, electric exit signs that use electricity usually need costly repairs and replacements since they are affected by electrical failures. On the other hand, photoluminescent signs require little maintenance and are long-lasting.

Legal Requirements

As with every other business, your business is required to operate under the state laws available. Though not always, you must avoid legal trouble as much as possible. Federal and state regulations require installing exit signs in your business in specific areas. You may be liable for safety inspection problems and fines if you do not have a safety exit sign where required. If you're hesitant to switch from traditional electric exit signs, know that photoluminescent exit signs meet the needed code requirements. You can consult professionals to get the correct type of photoluminescent sign and advice on where to install them.


You have the responsibility of taking care of the safety of everyone within your business premises. A visible and well-functioning exit sign will be able to direct people to safety in case of emergencies such as fires. Using traditional emergency electric-powered signs that are old and have poor backup battery systems during blackouts may mean exit signs aren't visible, thus risking the safety of people. Photoluminescent signs, on the other hand, are long-lasting and visible in smoke hence reliable during emergencies and blackouts. They are also green alternatives compared to traditional exit signs as they decrease energy consumption and your carbon footprint.

Parting Shot

Photoluminescent exit signs offer reduced operational costs, reliability, and code compliance advantages. You can also earn credits that attract potential clients using photoluminescent exit signs, thus an excellent installation for your business. Contact the services of professionals for your photoluminescent exit sign installation and maintenance needs.


26 January 2023

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