5 Benefits Of Custom Window Graphics For Your Business


When looking for ways to increase advertising and brand awareness for your business, don't overlook window graphics. These targeted signage options make use of one of the most visible parts of your building.

1. Cost-Effective

When it comes to exterior signage and advertising, window graphics may very well be the least expensive option. The graphics are printed on-demand and do not usually include any expensive materials. Further, you can save costs by installing smaller graphics on your own. Even professional installation of larger graphics is cost-effective, though, since there are no special tools needed and the graphics can go up quickly.

2. Flexible Designs 

There are a range of standard graphic designs to choose from, such as simple lettering and hours of operation signage. You can also have the graphics custom designed with your logo, verbiage, and images. Since it's easy to update and swap out graphics, you can opt to change the window graphics to match seasonal sales and events or to announce new product launches or service updates. These updates can catch your customer's eyes and keep them coming back for further shopping. 

3. Quick Updates

There are many ways to add signage to your building, but most are quite time-consuming. Custom window painting can take several days to complete, depending on the design and size of your window. Traditional signage must be constructed and erected, not to mention the time it takes to get the proper permits for a new exterior sign. Window graphics can be removed and replaced in less than an hour in most cases, making them the quickest option.

4. Multiple Uses

Window graphics aren't just for your shop front. They can be used inside the building, such as on glass office doors or glass partitions, where they work wonderfully for providing privacy, further branding, or important information such as staff names. You can also add window graphics to company cars and trucks, where they provide an easy way to brand the vehicles without permanently painting on the exterior.

5. Easy Maintenance

Maintaining a window graphic is as easy as maintaining the glass itself. You can simply dust the window as needed. If deeper cleaning is necessary due to fingerprints or dirt smudges, simply use a non-acidic glass cleaner and a squeegee or non-abrasive cloth to wash the window as you would normally. There is no need for special tools or cleaners to maintain the graphics.

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27 October 2021

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