4 Types Of Wayfinding Signs


There are so many types of signs that are used in the world. Wayfinding signs are essential because they help you find your way, be it through a large venue or on the road. When it comes to wayfinding signs, there are four primary types of signs that are used.

#1: Identification

An identification sign is one that lets you know where you are. These include signs such as monument signs, building letters, and parking lot signs. Identification signs are ones that should be easy to read from a distance and help people find their way. Identification signs also provide names and locations to places, be it a building, a street, or a parking lot. These signs should be simple to read and simple in design as well.

#2: Directional Signs

Directional signs provide you with information about a specific location. A directional sign usually includes a wide range of different signs, such as parking lot arrows, entrance signs, and building directories. 

Some directional signs, like parking lot signs, are designed to be read from a distance. Other directional signs, like a building directory, are designed to be read from a shorter distance. Building directories should be organized to make sense, with things listed in the order one will experience them.

#3: Informational Signs

Informational signs are a little different than pure directional signs. They are there to provide you with a little more information about a location. 

For example, an informational sign would let you know the cost of using the parking lot. Informational signs are designed to be read up-close, and they are designed to provide you with information that will help you use a facility. For example, hours of operations or sign-in requirements or historical markers are all informational signs. 

The font and information on these signs are usually smaller, as they are designed to be read up-close. 

#4: Regulatory Signs

Finally, there are regulatory signs. These are signs that are required to be displayed in public buildings. For example, a disabled parking sign, a bathroom sign, an exit sign, or a no-smoking sign. These signs are usually white and blue. The uniform design and color of these signs help them stand out in all buildings where they are required. 

Wayfinding signs are essential. They are used to identify buildings, places, and structures. They help provide directions and information and convey regulatory information. Most businesses need multiple types of wayfinding signs. Evaluate your business and figure out what wayfinding signs would help people navigate your business property easier. 

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16 June 2021

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