2 Tips for Selecting Tags for Your Utility Company's Power Poles


If your utility company deals with the erection and maintenance of power poles, you want to make sure each pole is labeled correctly with a tag that clearly marks its status, such as having live electricity or needing repairs. When it comes time to purchase the power pole tags, use the tips below to help you with making the selection.

1.  Look for Lettering That Stands Out Against the Background

One thing you should look for when trying to decide on which power pole tags to purchase is the lettering and background. Ideally, the lettering should be large enough to read from several feet away so that anyone passing by will be able to discern the condition of the pole.

Along with the size of the lettering, you also want to make sure that its color stands out against the background. Since the background color will be determined by the tags' usage and local regulations, such as red for danger or yellow for live electricity, the lettering will need to complement each particular color.

For example, for yellow tags, you should opt for bold, black lettering. However, this color may fade in a red background. In this case, you may want to opt for a lighter color, such as white, so that the letters and their message stand out.

2.  Make Sure the Material Is Fully Weatherproof

Along with making sure that the tags are readable, another consideration is the durability of the material. The tags need to be able to stay attached to the pole and in good shape no matter what the weather conditions in the area are.

Because the tags will be outside, you want to choose a material that can withstand constant exposure to moisture and high winds as well as direct sunlight. While vinyl is often a cheaper option, it will not be able to withstand weeks and months of elemental exposure. Instead, go with tags that are constructed from a highly durable metal such as galvanized steel.

Since the tags are meant to let workers and passersby know about the dangers involved, you need to make sure that they are readable and can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. If you are having problems making a final selection, speak with a representative from a sign company that offers power pole tags for sale to get assistance with the decision-making process. They should be able to answer any additional questions. 


18 February 2021

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