Why Your Building Needs To Install Photoluminescent Exit Signs


A photoluminescent sign is one that can absorb light from any nearby sources such as LED lighting. The photoluminescent sign itself can then stay illuminated thanks to this absorption, even if other nearby lights go out. It's not hard to see then, why a sign with this feature might be beneficial to a business or building owner like yourself. Here's why you should make sure your place of business is outfitted with photoluminescent exit signs above every entryway or door that lets people outside.

Give People a Guide to Safety Even During a Total Blackout

Because a photoluminescent exit sign draws its power from surrounding light, it's able to stay "on" even without any kind of electrical power source. The average sign might be able to stay illuminated from 90 minutes to two hours after the power is cut to all surrounding light. There are signs you can buy that will stay on for even longer, if necessary. 

Having an exit sign that remains illuminated even if everything else goes out is obviously a good thing. Such a sign will give everyone inside your building a beacon to head towards if they want to get out of a potentially pitch-black room. Seeing a clear direction to head toward an exit should help keep everyone calm in what otherwise might be a frightening situation.

Stay Up to Date with Local Fire Codes

Of course, a photoluminescent exit sign isn't just a good idea, it might also be a requirement of the local fire code. Typically, commercial businesses are supposed to have an exit plan in place to get employees and customers out of a building quickly and easily if an emergency occurs. These codes may require an exit sign that stays illuminated either by backup power or another method. A photoluminescent exit sign will ensure that your business stays on the right side of the law.

Give Yourself and Your Employees Peace of Mind

If your building is a store that is filled with customers, it might be up to your employees to make sure everyone is easily evacuated in the case of a power outage. This could be hard to do though if even the backup generator goes out and the store is pitch black. A clearly marked and lit up exit sign will allow your employees to easily direct the customers in the right direction.

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29 September 2020

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