Top 5 Custom Sign Riders Every Realtor Needs To Rock


A successful Realtor knows that they do not need to market the house. Houses sell themselves. Realtors need to market themselves to their next, potential clients. One of the easiest ways to market yourself and get your name and face out in front of people is with custom signage.

Newbie agents use standard-issue real estate signs from the franchise or brokerage that they work out of. Experienced agents know that custom signs and custom sign riders make an agent stand out and get recognized.

1. Name Rider: First and foremost, every agent should invest in a custom sign rider with their name on it. Sign riders simply slide into the top of the wood real estate post so an agent can proudly display his or her name upfront and center. Name recognition is extremely important in real estate. The more often people see it, the better. 

2. 'Just Listed': Once an agent can afford to invest in custom signs with their name printed directed on the sign, they can venture out in their choice of sign riders. The most obvious would be sign riders that claim a house is 'Just Listed'. It catches everyone's attention. Attention is good in real estate. Attention gets houses sold.

3. 'Just Sold': The next best sign rider is 'Just Sold'. Experienced agents know to leave the 'Sold!' rider up as long as possible so the neighbors take note. Using a variation on this rider, like 'SOLD!', 'Another One Sold', or even 'Gone!' is a great way to stand out from the competition.

4. 'Open Sunday': While experienced agents typically do not hold open houses on their own listings, newbies find it a great way to meet new buyers. Even if people are not interested in the house being held open, they may be looking for a buyer's agent to help in their search. An 'Open Sunday' custom sign rider is a great way to encourage the public to come in and see the home.

5. Funny Adjectives: Agents that really understand the custom signage market and how those custom signs can help promote the house as well as the agent often see the beauty in humor. Custom sign riders can state the obvious, like 'Pool' or 'I'm Gorgeous Inside'. A sense of humor, however, can get even more attention, like the creative agents that order custom sign riders to announce to the public that the house is 'Not Haunted'.   

Custom signs and custom sign riders are an important, low-tech part of marketing both the house and the real estate agent to the public. They are an important feature in every new and experienced agent's arsenal. 


22 July 2020

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