Two Types Of Signs Every Real Estate Agent Should Use


Advertising can take place in a lot of places for real estate, but on-the-ground advertising is one of the best. Take a look at a few types of signs every real estate agent should use to gain attraction to properties they are trying to sale. 

Real Estate Directional Signs

Directional signs are just like property advertisement signs except they have guiding directions printed on them so onlookers know how to find what is being advertised. Directional signs are not always a necessity, but they can be really helpful if you are advertising in a highly-populated area where there are a lot of streets and wayfinding tends to get a little confusing. Directional signs are also helpful in remote areas where a property may be a long way from a main road or highway. For example, if you have a listing that is several miles from the main highway, it is helpful if you have a directional sign on the main highway. Directional signs can be marked with: 

  • Arrows pointing the way to a property 
  • Mileage and distance notations along the bottom 
  • Small maps with a star marking the location of a property listing

Sometimes, all it takes is a little direction on a sign to help a prospect find a property listing, and this can mean all the difference in how many prospects actually show interest.  

Feather Flag Property Signs 

If you are having an open house or there is a property that has a reduced price, it is helpful to make these notations known with a type of signage that is a little more noticeable than usual. Feather flag signs work well for the purpose. These tall and slim vertical signs can be printed with different statements and do an excellent job of attracting attention from people who happen to be passing by a property you have for sale. Best of all, feather flags are lightweight, highly portable, and can be reused over and over again to advertise other properties as needed. Feather flags can be used to advertise:

  • Changes in listing price 
  • Prices below average market value 
  • Special property features, such as luxury bathrooms or an indoor pool 

The right real estate signs can make a big difference in how much attention you attract to your property listings. Reach out to a sign company like Realty Sign Express to find out more about the types of signs you can us as an agent. 


27 December 2019

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