Features That Your Real Estate Signs Should Have


If you are an independent realtor, you may be trying to establish your brand in the area. One of the best ways to do this is through your real estate signage. However, there are multiple features that your signs should have in order to be effective. Here are a few of them:

Common Logo and Colors

Your brand will become readily recognizable through consistency. The colors and logo that are included on your real estate signs should be the same for every sign. After a while, with multiple signs posted about town, potential clients will start to associate the colors and logo with your brand. Without coming close enough to read a posted sign, they will likely be able to tell that you are the seller's agent.

Many signs also integrate a photo of the listing agent for even better brand recognition.

Easy-to-read Contact Information

Your real estate signs need to display your name and phone number in easy-to-read font. That means that the style and size of the lettering should be easily discernible from a distance.

 Italicized font or font that is too tiny should be avoided. A potential homebuyer should be able to read the sign without getting out of his or her car.

You will want the sign's basic elements to be simple and not overly specific to a home, so you can use it repeatedly.

Multiple Toppers

Toppers are small signs that can be added to the top of your basic real estate sign. They include wording, such as "open house," "for sale," "price reduction," and "sold." Having multiple toppers that match your basic sign can help you communicate special information without having to purchase an entirely new sign.

Sturdy Sign Holders

The frame for your real estate sign should be sturdy, attractive, and easy-to-install. Many real estate agents choose metal frames that can are lightweight, weather-resistant, and can be easily forced into the soil with the push of a foot. However, wooden signs that are shaped like an upside down "L" can also be used. These may be preferred in more expensive neighborhoods.

Still, you should select the sign holder based on your particular needs and budget at the time of purchase. Additionally, the color of the sign holder should help draw the attention of potential buyers without detracting from the look of the property.

For more things you should look for in your real estate signage, consult with a sign company like The Sign Source.


17 October 2016

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