Opening Your Own Boutique? Advertising And Marketing Ideas For You


When you decide to go into business for yourself and open your own unique boutique store, you have a great deal to think about and consider in the process. The closer you get to your boutique opening date, the more advertising and marketing will become serious concerns for you and your fledgling business enterprise. If you are hoping to generate a great deal of buzz and excitement around your boutique opening, you need to come up with unique and effective marketing and advertising techniques that are relatively inexpensive. That way, you can generate the buzz you want without spending money that you do not have to spare as your business is just opening.

Get The Word Out With An Impromptu Fashion Show

An impromptu fashion show is a great way to get the word out about your boutique opening in a fun and creative way. Also known as a flash mob fashion show, you will be creating a seemingly spontaneous event at a location where many people in your target demographic could gather. If you live in a city with an arts district for example, you could have an impromptu flash mob fashion show in the courtyard area or other open space.

Make sure you hold your flash mob fashion show where there is a good amount of space and a large number of people. Hire models or use family members, friends, or employees that match your target demographic's look and have them model some of the key pieces from your boutique. At a scheduled time, have your models begin strutting their stuff like they're on a runway. Remember to keep it short and have the models disperse quickly, but make sure that they mention your boutique name and have comp cards (postcards for your grand opening) for your models to hand out as they strut and on their way out.

Create Bright and Eye-Catching Advertising Signs

Of course, more traditional types of advertising can be effective for your business as well. Using a variety of advertising signs can also help you to get the word out about your grand opening. You will want to design a variety of advertising signs in different sizes and styles to help advertise your business.

Make sure that every sign has the key information including your boutique name, grand opening date, and phone number. Small signs are effective if your signs are on roads with less traffic or where traffic moves slowly. Advertising signs like billboards are the most effective and should be used in high-traffic areas such as along highways or on busy main streets in your area. The larger billboards can draw attention easier, and if you utilize bold colors and designs, you will be more likely to generate interest about your grand opening and your boutique as a whole.

Now that you know some of the advertising and marketing ideas that can help you launch and open your boutique as successfully as possible, you can get your marketing campaign taken care of and get your business started on the right foot. For more information, contact a company like Signs BY Tomorrow.


14 October 2016

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