Advertisements On The Move: A Look At Bumper Sticker Marketing


When it comes to business marketing, stickers of just about any size, shape, or purpose are a big deal. However, there is one advertising sticker that far outweighs and out travels any other type: the bumper sticker. You hand a bumper sticker over to a customer, and that thing could travel thousands of miles and come in contact with just as many sets of eyes. If you have been considering using bumper stickers to market your business, you probably want to know a few things so you get the most out of the investment. Here is a look at a few of the more common concerns and questions businesses tend to have about bumper sticker marketing. 

What is the best way to get customers to use the bumper stickers you give them?

Some customers just love the idea of getting something free and slapping it on their bumper, but not everyone is all about applying adhesive accessories to their vehicle. So in order to make sure the bumper stickers you give out are actually used, you need to make sure you opt for one thing: quality stickers. Look for bumper stickers that are made with high-quality materials and claim to be easy to remove so customers know they won't be dealing with sticky gunk when they pull the sticker off. 

Should the sticker just have the name of your business?

Your customers may love your services but probably not so much so that they want to put your business name on their vehicle. Most successful bumper sticker advertising campaigns boast a catchy, funny, or interesting slogan, logo, or image that is associated with a certain business. For example, the 'Got Milk' bumper stickers were pretty popular for a while out of sheer novelty, and at one point, even a condom company offered a 'No Baby On Board' bumper sticker. Whatever you put on your bumper sticker, make it relative to your business and include some form of identifying information, whether it is a small logo or your website printed along the bottom. 

What's a good way to distribute bumper stickers?

There are all kinds of ways you could get your bumper stickers out to the public, even if it means simply handing them out with purchases in store. However, if you really want to get the word traveling with your sticky marketing tools, it is best to think at a little larger scale where distribution is concerned. One of the easiest ways to do this is run a freebie campaign online or send out the stickers as a free gift with online orders. 


14 October 2016

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