Why Sidewalk Signs Are A Great Business Investment


If your primary business sign is damaged and you're waiting for repair, this is a great time to start looking into alternative sign investments to market your business. For example, when your business is located in a downtown shopping district or other pedestrian-frequented area, you should capitalize on that foot traffic. Sidewalk signs are a great way to do just that. Here's a look at a few reasons why you should consider sidewalk signs to enhance your marketing.

More Freedom in Placement

Zoning regulations and permit requirements can be a challenge when you're dealing with new business signs. If your town has tight regulations on what's permissible for signs in your area, sidewalk signs are often a great investment, because they allow you to capitalize on the consumer's attention without having to work around those zoning issues. At worst, you'll have to ensure that it's not blocking a specific percentage of the sidewalk. Most local sign companies can help you understand your town's restrictions and work within them for any sign you create.

Flexible Design Options

Sidewalk signs are such a versatile investment because they come in so many sizes, shapes and styles. Whether you're looking for something you can customize with every weekly special or a lightweight, durable sign you can use consistently, there are styles out there to fit those needs.

For example, chalk-based or dry-erase style signs are great for marketing daily specials or frequently-changing sales. A sign that features a marketing message on each side capitalizes on foot traffic on both sides of your shop. You can even opt for signs that are on wheels if you're looking for something a little larger but don't think you can move it.

Targeted Marketing Expenses

One of the best things about sidewalk signs is that their placement naturally falls in a pedestrian's field of vision. That means that a carefully tailored sign can deliver your marketing message to virtually every pedestrian in the area with ease.

To make the most of this benefit, opt for a marketing message that's short and concise. Focus on the primary message, like the sale prices or special you're running. By putting those details first, you capitalize on those people who merely glance at the top of the sign or the big letters as they walk by.

Don't let a broken or malfunctioning primary sign cost you business. Instead, make the most of an investment you can use for years to come - even after your main sign has been repaired. With the information above, you can see why a sidewalk sign is a great option.

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13 April 2016

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