Four Choices That Will Result In An Ineffective Sign For Your Small Business


Small business owners don't have enormous budgets, and if you are like many company owners who need a sign, you would like to avoid design mistakes that render the sign ineffective and a waste of your hard earned money. Fortunately, if you don't make the following decisions during the design process, you should have a great sign.

No Use of Color

To save money, you might be considering a sign with simple black lettering. However, colorless signs can be very easy to overlook on the street. If you are hoping to draw people in with your sign, you'll need a more visually interesting sign. To create one, it's a good idea to start with color. Even one color can be enough to draw the eye to your sign.

Overloading the Sign with Words

Avoid a cluttered, messy sign by sticking with the basics. Your sign will of course include the name of your business, but you might want to include a phone number or website address so that people passing by can contact you even if they don't go into your building at that moment.

Using No Text at All

By trying not to overdo text and information on your sign, you might get the idea that a picture or a tagline will attract people who want to know what your business is all about. However, this type of sign might confuse prospective customers and give them the impression that you have a different business than they thought you did. Be as clear as you can with your sign so that people know what to expect from you and your business.

Designing Without Any Help

It could be a mistake to design the sign for your small company without input from anyone other than yourself. If you have employees, they can prove to be an invaluable resource for ideas and feedback about your ideas for the sign, as they work with you everyday and are likely to understand what you would like the sign to convey. If you don't have any employees, seek out peers and friends in your industry who can give you feedback on the design decisions you're making.

Avoid design choices like the ones laid out above so you can be confident that your small business has an effective design. Ask your sign manufacturer, such as Cardinal Sign, if they can provide additional pointers so you have the best sign possible. 


9 March 2016

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