Are You Making These Four Mistakes When Designing Your Commercial Sign?


When coming up with design ideas for your commercial sign, it can seem deceptively simple to come up with a sign that looks good. However, because your sign has to attract and entice prospective customers, making design mistakes can end up costing your business money. Here are some mistakes you might be making as you design your store's sign.

Not Using Color

You might just plan to put some black text on a white background and leave it at that. However, sometimes signs without color can go unnoticed among so many other things to see. Use one or two bold colors that complement your store's decor so that your sign catches the eye of anyone you might want to attract to the store.

Leaving Your Employees Out of the Process

As the business owner, you may think you've got the sign handled and don't really need to seek help from anyone. However, remember that your employees are the ones who interact with your customers every day; they likely have some ideas about what customers like and respond to. Their input can make your sign more effective and can help your staff to feel like you value their opinion, which can lead to employee loyalty.

Making the Sign Too Mysterious

You may think that it's a good idea to do a "less is more" type of sign where you only use a symbol or a few words on your sign. You might think that people will be intrigued and come into your store to see what it's all about. However, it's important to be aware that some people might just not have the time or interest to find out what your mysterious sign means. Instead, create a sign that has clear information that people can understand as they are walking or driving by your store.

Adding Too Much Information

To avoid a sign that is too cryptic and mysterious, you might go toward the other end of the spectrum and want to cram too much information on your sign. This can make it too hard for people to read and overwhelm their senses. Use just a few pieces of relevant information on your sign to make it easier for people to see what you're all about. For instance, the name of your business and your phone number might be enough.

Now that you are aware of some mistakes to avoid making in the sign design process, use the information above to help create an effective sign for your store. Work closely with a commercial sign company that can offer you feedback and more suggestions.


12 December 2015

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