3 Effective And Necessary Custom Signs Every Bakery Should Have


When you are in the business of serving up freshly baked concoctions everyday, your product may do a lot of the necessary advertising for you. However, it is always best to have the appropriate signage in the building to keep every visitor who stops by well informed. Not just any old sign will always get enough attention. Here are three specifically designed signs you should make sure you have installed and clearly visible in your commercial bakery business.

1. Open/Closed Signs - In a bakery, especially one that serves up donuts and fresh morning eats, you will likely get started very early in the morning before the sun even comes up. Make sure your customers can see when your hours of operation have begun with a well-lit open/closed sign at the entrance to your business. The sign that you use for opening and closing should be one that is highly visible, such as one created with fluorescent tubing, so it is easy to see from a distance.

2. Food Allergen Warning Notices - Wheat, dairy, nuts, and even soy can be a part of some of your most usual products. To make sure that you keep your customers with allergies to these food products protected, it is mandated that you have allergen warning signs posted in various areas of your bakery. Keeping these signs as noticeable as possible will be crucial. Therefore, you should work with a sign company to create signs with bold lettering that will be easy to see in donut showcases or near your menu.

3. Pastry Showcase Markers - In the donut or bread showcase of the average fresh bakery, there could be dozens of different products at one time. Many bakeries make the mistake of not utilizing signage in these areas to their benefit. To make sure your customers are comfortable with browsing and understanding the selections on their own, you should implement small marker signs at the ends of showcase trays that state exactly what is in the tray. These small marker signs should be brightly colored and highly noticeable.

When you initially think of signs for your commercial bakery, it is likely that you will think of the main sign that you have outside to attract customers. However, there are so many other signage opportunities that can benefit your business all the way around. Be sure to talk to a sign company for more sign ideas, or go to site to learn more.



13 October 2015

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