3 Types Of Banners That Will Take Your Advertising To The Next Level


If you think all banners are created equal, think again. A banner that helps get the word out about your small business can mean the difference between a loss and profit at the end of the quarter. Securing even one key client through a well-placed banner can mean exponential growth in networking possibilities and many more potential customers. So take a look below at three types of banners that will take your business' advertising to the next level.

Collapsible A-Frames

If your business tends to advertise frequently at local sporting events, consider replacing your standard vinyl banners with a collapsible A-frame. Up to two banners can be attached to an aluminum frame by linking shock cords with elastic hooks at the edges of the frame. This construction makes for an extremely durable advertisement that can withstand not just the weather, but any balls that come its way. The fact that you can also collapse the banner means that transporting your ad from event to event is easier than ever. 

Banner Walls

Advertising outdoors poses unique challenges, especially if the advertisement is a small banner located on the side of road where motorists are more likely to speed through than notice any ads. But with a banner wall, you can advertise your local business in a big way, without having to pay for expensive billboard space. Banner walls are constructed so that a high quality digital print can be affixed to a sturdy metal or plastic framework with Velcro. If you ever decide to change out one banner for another, you can do so in a matter of minutes and without paying for an additional frame.

Event Banners

How do you insure that people at a large outdoor event see your products or services advertised multiple times, rather than just in a fleeting instance? This is a problem simply solved by event banners. These banners work best when placed strategically around a large outdoor property, and they consist of little more than a screen- or digitally-printed banner between two durable aluminum poles. Most banner suppliers will include in the purchase of event banners a handful of ground spikes to make sure that the banners stay in place, as well as carry bags to insure maximum portability. If you're thinking of advertising at a local golf tournament or in a nearby housing development, event banners may be the best choice for your business.

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5 August 2015

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